PPPH Statement on Rep. Harris Letter to FTC

June 24, 2019

The Partnership to Protect Patient Health (PPPH) applauds Rep. Andy Harris, M.D.’s letter to the Federal Trade Commission regarding the harm deceptive attorney advertising can cause patients. This type of advertising can mislead and frighten patients into stopping their prescribed medications without consulting their health care provider, which can have serious adverse effects.

Treatment decisions belong between a patient and their health care provider. Misleading and deceptive lawsuit advertising undermines that relationship and can have grave results for patients, particularly older adults. State legislatures in Texas and Tennessee have already acted on the issue, requiring advertisements to properly warn patients that it’s dangerous to stop taking prescribed medication before consulting a physician.

PPPH is a coalition of patient advocacy groups and provider organizations collaborating to raise awareness about the implications of “bad drug” advertising and protect the patient-provider relationship. For more information, visit protectpatienthealth.org